“The Voice of Island” — Anna Gréta Quartet

Atlantis Basel
Thursday, 25 April

With Anna Gréta, the new comes quietly and in a seemingly well-worn guise. The young Icelandic musician, who grew up in Reykjavik and has been living in Stockholm since studying jazz at the Royal College of Music, performs calm, cheerful, and melancholy songs in Basel. Catchy, pop-oriented, pictorial music—exactly what is generally associated with "Nordic jazz." Moreover, much of her album "Nightjar in the Northern Sky" is based on observations of nature, another cliché of Nordic music.
But if you listen and look more closely, this is only the surface. Even in the title track about the rare nightjar that once caught sight of the northern lights, birdwatching is a metaphor for the search for the special and the intrinsic. Almost all but one of Gréta's self-written lyrics have a double meaning. And the vocals only sound like the ethereal pop-jazz of so many Scandinavian female vocalists at first. On closer inspection, it is not a singer's song but a pianist's song. Gréta comes from the piano, first studied it classically, then switched to jazz and sang for the first time ever on this album. A Nordic night at its best, not just for Iceland fans!
Tickets are CHF 29.00-66.70.


Atlantis Basel
Klosterberg 13
4051 Basel

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