The Warlocks

Atlantis Basel
Thursday, 09 November

Formed in 1999, L.A. group The Warlocks produce a relentless, hypnotic wall of sound reminiscent of a collision between classic psychedelia, Krautrock, and The Velvet Underground. Frontman Bobby Hecksher grew up in the swamps of Tampa Bay, FL, but moved to L.A. at the age of 16, where he soon found like-minded people, jamming with Beck on his album Stereopathetic Soulmanure and playing in the Brian Jonestown Massacre Band.
The debut album “Rise & Fall” (2000) laid the foundation for the band, but it was the signing of a worldwide contract with Mute and the release of “Phoenix” (2003) that increased their popularity significantly. Several albums followed, including “Surgery” (2005), “Heavy Deavy Skull Lover” (2007), “The Mirror Explodes” (2009), and “The Chain” (2020). The Warlocks' tireless international touring and sheer power of their gigantic live sound have given the band a worldwide cult fan base that continues to grow and become even more intense.
The band has been led by Hecksher for over 20 years; he is supported by JC Rees (guitar, feedback), Earl V. Miller (guitar, drone machine), Christopher DiPino (bass), and Oscar Ruvalcaba (drums).
Tickets are CHF 30 in advance and CHF 35 at the door.


Atlantis Basel
Klosterberg 13
4051 Basel

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