Theater — Brexit is my Fault

Roxy Birsfelden
© janosch abel
Wednesday, 26 April

The most common slip of the tongue when it comes to the word “Brexit” is the word “breakfast.” Politicians, journalists, and many other people have made this mistake. Emily Magorrian's mistake was not voting in the June 2016 Brexit referendum. She grew up under the premise: If you don't vote, you have no right to express your opinion or to complain, especially not as a woman. “Brexit is my fault” is a show about failure, a history of cancer, feminism, and Brexit legislation. While preparing a real "English Breakfast," Magorrian negotiates why Brexit is her fault or why not. “Brexit is my fault is a performance that relates and explores responsibility and circumstances. This performance will be in English with German surtitles.
Tickets are CHF 15 for adults and CHF 7 for youths under age 18.


Roxy Birsfelden
Muttenzerstrasse 6
4127 Birsfelden

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