Theater — Moby Dick: The Solo

Theater Basel
Fri 07.06.

Captain Ahab obsessively pursues the urge to take revenge on the giant white sperm whale that has torn off his leg. The first person to sight Moby Dick receives a gold coin. The men who earn their living whaling fall under the spell of the charismatic shipmaster and become more and more part of Ahab's mania for revenge. The production was originally shown in Hamburg from 2013 with a cast of eight. The co-acting directors Antú Romero Nunes and Jörg Pohl restaged what was for them a groundbreaking collaboration under pandemic conditions into a solo. You can experience this classic of world literature as a vibrant spectacle in German with English surtitles at the Theater Basel.
Tickets are CHF 30-100 for adults and CHF 20 for students.


Theater Basel
Elisabethenstrasse 16
4051 Basel

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