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Schauspielhaus Theater Basel
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A case of murder in the mental hospital! Already the second nurse has been murdered. The perpetrator, one of three physicists, claims to be Einstein. Another thinks he is Newton. To the third, Möbius, King Solomon appears. It soon becomes clear that they are all playing at something here. Möbius has discovered the world formula. He pretends to be crazy in order to keep his discovery, with which mankind could destroy itself, a secret. The other two are secret agents for East and West on a mission to get him on their side. But the genius Möbius, caught in a moral dilemma, chooses isolation. One decides for all—and becomes the pawn of the power interests of a doctor for the insane who has long been pulling the strings in the background.
"What concerns everyone can only be solved by everyone," wrote Dürrenmatt. The Basel theater company takes up this credo, and reconstructs the premiere of 1962 without a director, with the set in black and white, as in the pictures of that time, including a red curtain and an outdated image of women.
This cheeky comedy in two acts, entirely in the spirit of Friedrich Dürrenmatt and on his 100th birthday, demonstrates with playful power how the world and its order come apart at the seams. This play will be performed in German with English surtitles.
Tickets are CHF 30-70 for adults and CHF 10 for students.


Schauspielhaus Theater Basel
Steinentorgasse 7
4051 Basel

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