Thursday, 02 November

Ten cultural institutions that are within walking distance of Theater Basel have joined up to form the "Theaterplatz-Quartier." Their goal is to help shape the area's public spaces and enliven them as new venues for meeting people, communicating, and relaxing, thereby improving quality of life in the area.
As part of their efforts, they are organizing a "Theaterplatz-Tag" every first Thursday of the month where they offer cultural program, food and drinks, and many surprises. This month, you can participate in a Jass (Swiss card game) tournament (you need to register by October 31 through their website); go on a guided tour through the Literaturhaus, Kult.Kino and other areas of the Theaterplatz-Quartier from 18:00-19:00 (register at; get an insight into the rehearsals of the new opera "Pferd frisst Hut" (17:30, 18:30, 19:30, 20:30; registration necessary at; listen to a yodeling concert (18:00, 18:45, 19:30); watch the movie "Whispering Sands" in the Stadtkino Basel (21:00), and much more. For the full program, see their website.


4051 Basel

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