Tier • Augen • Blicke (Animal • Eyes • Peeks)

Stadthaus Basel
Ongoing Event
© torben weber
Wed., 27 September until Sat., 10 February

Walking through the zoo, we observe the animals in as natural an environment as possible. But the human visit doesn't go unnoticed by them either—and sometimes they look back!
Photographer Torben Weber captured exactly these moments for the exhibition in the entrance hall of the Stadthaus Basel, near Marktplatz. Wild cats, birds, chamois, young foxes, and bison look into the camera and the viewer's eyes. The touching series of images was taken in the Lange Erlen Zoo in Basel and in the Bern Zoo in anticipation of the wolves, which will soon arrive in Basel. Weber also photographed a lynx in Langenberg Zoo, from where one of the lynxes will soon move to Basel.
Weber was born in 1971 and grew up in the Basel region. His fascination with nature began at an early age. He took his first pictures as a child and then as an apprentice farmer, directly from the tractor. He completed secondary training as a wildlife keeper at the Basel zoo and was later appointed official zoo photographer. In 2022, after many years at Zolli, Weber became self-employed as a photographer and today works for the Bern Zoo, the Baselland Cantonal Hospital, the Baselland Office for Culture, and the Museum.BL, among others. www.torben.ch
Free access from Monday to Saturday.


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