Tour—Earth at Its Limits

Naturhistorisches Museum Basel
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Sunday, 19 June

Our Earth is a very special planet because it can support life. It is simply wonderful in all its diversity, complexity, extraordinariness, and mystery. People have been living with and from nature for millennia, but now the balance has shifted, and humans and nature have fallen out of step. The special exhibition “Earth at Its Limits” at the Naturhistorisches Museum Basel highlights and illustrates major correlations, clarifies facts, and clears up misunderstandings in an easily understandable and attractive way. Numerous interactive presentation formats, audio stations, moving images, and varied staging featuring new specimens of objects, collectibles, models, and installation art interventions, make visiting the exhibition a stimulating experience.
At this English-language tour of the exhibit experts will pick out and discuss special highlights.
Cost of the tour is included in the admission to the exhibit.


Naturhistorisches Museum Basel
Augustinergasse 2
4051 Basel

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