Tour — Matisse, Derain, and Friends

Kunstmuseum Basel

At the outset of the 20th century, a loosely affiliated group of artists centering around Henri Matisse, André Derain, and Maurice de Vlaminck—also known as the Fauves—conducted revolutionary experiments in color. The name was bestowed on the group in 1905 by art critic Louis Vauxcelles, who first employed “fauves” in one of his articles. The term, which in English translates as “wild beasts” or “wild animals,” was intended to characterize the clique of artists who remained little known prior to 1905. It was in the group’s expressive approach to the application of color; its striking, often virulent color schemes; as well the rejection of naturalistic renderings of local colors, that Vauxcelles discerned the break with academic precedent.
This comprehensive special exhibition at the Kunstmuseum Basel shows the Fauves’ outstanding experimentation with color. The show also features work by the artists Émilie Charmy and Marie Laurencin, and for the first time provides insights into the trade in Fauvist art, a trade in which gallerist Berthe Weill was to play a decisive role.
On this afternoon, there will be an English-language tour of this exhibit.
Cost is admission plus CHF 5.


Kunstmuseum Basel
St. Alban-Graben 16
4051 Basel

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