Tour — Summer Show

Fondation Beyeler
© philippe parreno, "membrane," 2023
Sun 02.06. | Sun 07.07. | Sun 04.08.

For the first time in the Fondation Beyeler’s more than 25-year history, the entire museum and its surrounding park will be transformed into the site of an experimental presentation of contemporary art. With contributions by more than two dozen artists, the Summer Show is conceived as a “living organism” that changes and transforms throughout its duration. Connections and interrelationships between individual works are developed in close dialogue with the artists. This exchange also extends to works from the in-house collection, which are an integral part of the project. While a number of the paintings, sculptures, films, installations, and performances were created site-specifically, others are adapted versions of existing works.
On this afternoon, there will be an English-language tour of the exhibit.
Cost is CHF 7 plus entrance to the museum.


Fondation Beyeler
Baselstrasse 101
4125 Riehen

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