Traditional Alpine Descent — Gryon, VD

© anne kohler
Saturday, 16 September

Hundreds of thousands of Swiss cows, sheep, goats, and other animals spend their summer in the Swiss Alps to graze on the rich and tasty grasses and wildflowers of the alpine pastures. The special tasting milk that is produced is then processed into aromatic cheeses and other dairy products. With the beginning of fall and the colder weather, the animals descend from the mountains to their winter quarters. In many communities, this alpine descent is still celebrated with very traditional and picturesque festivals.
For this “Désalpe,” as it is called in this French-speaking region of Vaud, the herds will arrive in town from 10:00, welcomed by entertainment with music, yodeling, flag throwing, Alphorns, and more. There will be cheese-making demonstrations and a farmers’ and artisan market with local produce. Enjoy catering with raclette, grilled sausages, and many more local specialties.
Be sure to confirm the dates before you head out as sometimes festivals or at least the descent of the animals may have to be cancelled or changed on the basis of weather or the availability of feedstock.
This event is free of charge; consider public transport as parking is limited.


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