Triosence — Giulia

Fachwerk Allschwil
© karsten herwig
Saturday, 08 June

Since 2007, with a lot of volunteer commitment and passion, Piano di Primo has been organizing jazz concerts that enable artists of national and international importance to introduce the audience to tried and tested musical specialties and novel ideas. The events take place in the half-timbered building of Allschwil’s local history museum in the middle of the idyllic village center of Allschwil, where you can also spoil yourself with selected wines, a cold beer, or non-alcoholic refreshments from the bar.
On this evening, the German-Cuban trio Triosence will be presenting “Giulia”—an inspired and optimistic jazz trio sound painting and dance full of colorful pieces that could hardly be more diverse and virtuosic. With its unmistakable style, which the musicians describe as "song jazz," the trio has won over and delighted audiences and the press all over the world. “Giulia” is a musical liberation, full of confidence and lightness.
Tickets are CHF 38.


Fachwerk Allschwil
Baslerstrasse 48
4123 Allschwil

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