Two-Country Flea Market

Konstanz Hafen (D)

Twenty-four hours, 9 kilometers, 2 countries—1 flea market! The cross-border flea market held in Konstanz (D) and Kreuzlingen (CH) with its more than 1,000 stalls is among the top 5 in Germany. On this weekend, you can enjoy the special atmosphere along the shores of Lake Constance to browse, bargain, and enjoy—both during the day and during the night. This special flea market is a unique experience for treasure hunters of all ages! In addition to classic flea market stalls, there will be stalls from professional dealers, as well as dedicated markets for vinyl records, model trains, toy cars, and much more. There is even a special area where kids can put down their blankets for free and without pre-registration to sell their toys, comics, or CDs. Sales hours start at 16:00 on June 15 in Kreuzlingen, at 19:00 in some sections of the Konstanz part, and at 20:00 in the rest of the market. The market ends on June 16 at 18:00. Konstanz and Kreuzlingen can easily be reached by bus, train, boat, or car, but it is highly recommended that you come by public transport.
The event is free.


Konstanz Hafen
78462 Konstanz

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