UNESCO World Heritage Days

Various Locations

Switzerland celebrates the World Heritage Days with a weekend of culture, nature, history, activities, and special events that invite the public to get to know and appreciate some of the country's 13 UNESCO World Heritage sites. These sites bear witness to the history of the Earth or embody Switzerland, its traditions and its duty to protect the environment and the past.
The World Heritage Days invite the population to become aware of Switzerland's rich cultural heritage and natural beauty with special programs at nine locations throughout the country. For example, visitors can discover the pile-dwelling history up close in solar-powered boats on Lake Neuchâtel. On Monte San Giorgio (TI), children step into the shoes of a paleontologist for a day and learn how an
excavation works. Visitors can discover the work of a restorer, a monument conservator, and a carpenter in the Abbey of St. Gallen. Nature lovers can learn more about the "Swiss Alps Jungfrau-Aletsch" World Heritage Site on a guided hike in the Lauterbrunnen Valley (BE). The "Tectonic Arena Sardona" organizes an adventure day for the whole family in Glarus. Railway fans should not miss the Rhaetian Railway Festival in Bergün (GR). And if you want to immerse yourself for a day in the Middle Ages, you can take a trip back in time in the Fortress of Bellinzona (TI). Other exciting guided tours are offered in the watch towns of La Chaux-de-Fonds and Le Locle (NE). In the monastery of St. Johann in Müstair (GR), a historical mural painting will be brought to the public exclusively for this day.
For more information on the various programs, check their website.


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