Velomärt Basel — Bicycle Sale

Saturday, 13 April

If you are in the market for a bike, the Velomärt Basel is the oldest and largest bicycle market in Switzerland, with about 1,100 new and used bikes changing hands on this one day. It takes place in the Halle 2 of the Messe Basel (enter via the main entrance of the Rundhofhalle, under the large clock).
If you would like to buy a bike, tandem, trailer, or scooter, you can come from 10:00-16:00; items can be paid for in cash, by Postcard, Maestro card, or V-Pay (credit card payments are also accepted except American Express and Diners). You can get advice from neutral specialists in the field of bicycles.
If you want to sell a bike (maximum three bikes per person), you can go to their website, open a user account, fill in your details and the details of the bike you want to sell, print out the bike ticket (keep the receipt), fold it, and affix it to your bike. Bring the bike (and your photo I.D.) to the selling location on Friday, April 12, between 17:30-19:00, or on Saturday, April 13, between 10:00-12:00. This system is convenient for buyers, who can just pay for the bike and leave (no more paperwork to fill out), as well as for sellers, who can follow the progress of their sale online throughout the day and have the money deposited directly into their account (if desired) to avoid having to return for pick-up. If your bike does not sell, return on Saturday between 14:00-16:00 to take it back.
Alternatively, if you want to donate your (unsold) bike to Velafrica, you can do so at the Velomärt. All uncollected bikes will automatically go to Velafrica—a Swiss nonprofit organization that collects old bicycles, makes them roadworthy again, and ships nearly 25,000 bicycles from Switzerland to Africa each year.
The Velomärt is a non-profit organization, and 12% of the sale price of your bike will be retained and used for promoting bicycle and pedestrian traffic in the Basel region.
Admission is free.


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