Villars Rando Festival — Guided Nature Walking Tours

8:00-20:00 | 8:00-18:00

The Villars tourist office in the Swiss Alps of the canton of Vaud, in association with the Swiss Association for Mountain Guides, will be hosting a variety of guided walks in and around Villars for this 15th edition of the Villars Rando festival. Everyone who loves the mountains and/or nature is invited to participate in one or more excursions.
You can download the schedule of walks from their website; they are color-coded into five general categories: Green is for “tout public” (everybody, including families with children under age 16, check minimum ages), yellow is for “kids” (youths up to age 16), blue is for “familles” (families with young children starting at age 5), gray is for “adultes” (age 16 and over), and red designates “sportifs” (for age 16 and up in good physical condition).
The walks also have varying themes, including trees, these giants of the landscape; trail madness; games and survival in the forest; escape game “Dragon’s Lair”; discovery walk “BungyPump”; sunset at the Col d’Argnaules; tales and legends of the forest; animal stories; breakfast at the farm; feast of edible plants; fall harvest festival; wild jams are a feast for the taste buds; Alpine pasture, cheese, and wood-fired raclette; festival of the vine and wine; 15+1 liquor party; and feast of the 7 senses!
Come to the French region of Switzerland and let the guides share their passion with you! For adults, day passes are CHF 25 and half-day passes are CHF 15, and half- and full-day passes are CHF 5 for kids. Register quickly on their French-only website by clicking on the desired activity. Excursions take place in any weather, but alternative activities may be offered in the event of bad conditions.


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