Virtual Beauty

HeK (Haus der Elektronischen Künste)
Ongoing Event
© daniel sannwald
Sat., 08 June until Sun., 18 August

The international group exhibition “Virtual Beauty” sheds light on how new technologies and our increasingly digital lives are challenging traditional notions of identity and reshaping our understanding of beauty. Using installations, photography, digital art, and film, the works in this exhibition examine the frequently overlooked consequences of technological progress on our physical and virtual bodies.
Today, technology allows us to be more self-aware and calculated in the way we present ourselves publicly than ever before. A new generation now comes of age who have never lived in a world where the idea of digital self-staging has not been a facet of their everyday lives. Questions of beauty are inherent to the proliferation of portable devices and screens on which people look at themselves and share these curated identities with the world.
From social media filters and dating apps to artificial intelligence to biometrics, the exhibition “Virtual Beauty” examines the impact of the latest digital technologies on the definition of beauty and how they radically transform our notions of gender, sexuality, race, and identity. Wandering between the virtual and physical, the artists presented in this exhibition question what beauty is today, inviting us to reconsider the very definition of human identity in the post-internet era.


Freilager-Platz 9
4142 Münchenstein

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