Vitrine D’Or (Golden Store Window)

Various Locations
Sun., 03 December until Sat., 06 January

The Buy-Local Schweiz organization is holding the competition for the most beautiful Christmas store-window display in Basel, called Vitrine d’Or. Participating shops are marked with a “Vitrine d’Or” sticker in their windows.
This year the Vitrine d'or will be small and exquisite—only shop windows of the BUY LOCAL Switzerland members will be able to participate and the voting will take place exclusively on their social media channels Facebook and Instagram. This means that the audience—you—decides who wins! So check out the windows, go online and vote for your favorite by December 26 inclusively. The Christmas window with the most likes and hearts will win the coveted Vitrine d'or diploma.
So, when you stroll through town enjoying the decorations and Christmas window displays, why not look for the “Vitrine d’Or” sticker in the windows and cast your vote?! Be sure to check the website and take a look at last year’s winners and be amazed!


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