VivaCello Festival Breakfast Concert III — Beethoven Trio

Restaurant Mooi, Liestal
Wednesday, 07 September

After a four-year break, the fabulous VivaCello Festival is back! This edition, which is called "Furiant," will take place once again in the old town of Liestal with a total of 13 concerts, including atmospheric morning concerts in the Mooi restaurant, after-work concerts in the Kulturscheune, and symphony and chamber concerts in the Stadtkirche that tell of the rich musical culture of Bohemia. The Bohemian dance "Furiant," which means "enthusiastic," sets the standard for the music and protagonists of this festival that is all about the cello.
For this third breakfast concert, three cellists will be playing Ludwig van Beethoven’s Trios for Three Cellos, op. 87 (after the original for two oboes and English horn). It usually works the other way around: Wind instruments arrange pieces written for strings, operatic arias, or piano music for themselves—often with dubious results, because they are written differently for wind players. Beethoven's op. 87 originally was a wind trio that entrepreneurial musicians had commissioned from Beethoven with the aim of collecting as much money as possible from charity events. So the music puts you in a good mood and exudes casual amusement. The fact that three cellists are now "usurping" the work is only fair. Enjoy a morning of invigorating live music accompanied by a plentiful breakfast.
Tickets are CHF 30, which includes concert and breakfast.


Restaurant Mooi
Wasserturmplatz 6
4410 Liestal

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