Vivaldi — Il Giustino

Thursday, 02 February

La Cetra and Andrea Marcon indulge their love for Antonio Vivaldi this season with the concert opera "Giustino" from 1724. Unusual for a Vivaldi opera, the premiere took place in Rome, where at that time women were not allowed to appear on the stage and castrati sang all female roles. Also, the work’s time and action were relatively unusual for an opera seria: it was set in Constantinople at the turn of the 4th to the 5th century. But there is no lack of intricate action here either shipwreck and battle, political intrigue, and love affair, distress and steadfastness, thirst for revenge and forgiveness...
The varied arias offer a top-class ensemble of soloists wonderful opportunities to enchant with vocal art. One of the most popular pieces in "Giustino" is the aria "Vedrò col mio diletto," which alone was clicked 8.5 million times on YouTube in the interpretation by Jakub Józef Orlinski. And the alto aria "Ho nel petto un cor sì forte" was part of Cecilia Bartoli's "Vivaldi Album" in 1999, with which Vivaldi suddenly became known as an opera composer to a worldwide audience. “Giustino” is now one of the most popular baroque operas, and countless outstanding singers are enthusiastic about it.
Tickets are CHF 30-85 for adults, CHF 15-42.50 for students, and CHF 5 for kids up to age 14.


Martinskirchplatz 4
4051 Basel

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