Vorlesefest (Storytelling Festival)

Sunday, 27 August

The beautiful Kannenfeldpark will again be the location for this year's "Vorlesefest" (storytelling festival), where hundreds of reading enthusiasts from age 3 and their families will gather to enjoy stories, storytelling, and books. The event, which is organized by the Education Department of Basel-Stadt, the organization Buchkinder Basel, and the Foundation Domuterra Gundeldingen, is all about promoting reading and language skills through reading aloud and storytelling. The park will be set up with seven Mongolian yurts, each with different readers, including local celebrities, authors, librarians, and members of reading clubs. In an eighth yurt, children can do crafts and color.
The JUKIBU library staff will also be reading stories in a variety of languages in one of the yurts. Their program includes stories in English (11:00), Japanese (11:30), French (12:00), Ukrainian (12:30), Spanish (14:00), Arabic (14:30), Turkish (15:00), Tigrinya (15:30), Portuguese (16:00), and Polish (16:30). In each session, the chosen book will be presented in German as well as the foreign language.
In all yurts there will be 30-minute reading blocks, and kids can switch yurts between readings. Each child will receive a participation card that will be punched after each 30-minute session; children who have participated in at least three sessions will receive an ice cream, and those who have filled their entire card will participate in a drawing of book vouchers from the Orell F├╝ssli bookstore in Basel.
The festival will take place in any weather. A garden bar is open from 10:00-18:00 so that avid listeners (and readers) can fortify themselves with baked goods and delicacies from the grill (from 12:00).
The event is free.


4056 Basel

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