Walk-in Closet — Clothing Exchange

Markthalle Basel
Saturday, 29 April

The Walk-in Closet is coming to the Markthalle and it goes like this:
CLEAN OUT! The first thing to do is to sort out your wardrobe. Walk-in Closet looks forward to the clothes that you don't pay enough attention to but which are still in good condition. Bring a maximum of 10 clean, freshly washed, and well-maintained items of clothing, shoes, and accessories so that others can fall in love with them all over again.
WALK IN: Clothes will be accepted starting at 11:30 but can still be handed in during the clothes exchange. The clothes you brought with you will be checked, sorted, and hung in the large walk-in closet by their helpers. The on-site helpers return washed-out, damaged, or soiled items of clothing.
DRESS UP: Nothing stands in the way of the search for new favorite items of clothing. You can take a maximum of 10 items of clothing home with you from the large walk-in closet.
An entrance fee of CHF 10 helps to offset the cost of organizing and hosting the event.


Markthalle Basel
Steinentorberg 20
4051 Basel

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