Walk on the Wild Side — A Yoga Journey to our Animal Spirit

Musikmuseum Basel
Sunday, 26 June

Nahual—a mystical creature, a guardian spirit believed to reside in anaimals such as deer, jaguar, whale, bird, monkey, and others, and to act as a personal guide in Mesoamerican native traditions. Our fascination with animals is as ancient as the first glimpses of culture. We recollect and mirror parts of ourselves in our relationships to animals—as companion pets, as symbols in our art, as images of ornament in our private space, as archetypes in our inner worlds. This yoga class composed of flowy and invigorating vinyasa sequences, breath awareness, contemplation and relaxation is aimed at exploring our connections to animals. Through conscious body movement, breath, and sound, we tap into the subtle layers of our being, where we may discover a path to our wild inner spirit guide. This event will consist of a meditation tour through the exhibition “Animalistic!” and a yoga class.
Costs is admission to the museum plus CHF 10 for the event.


Historisches Museum Basel - Musikmuseum
Im Lohnhof 9
40512 Basel

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