Watersports Day (HeRheinspaziert)

Mittlere Brücke
Saturday, 04 May

At "heRheinspaziert," the watersports information event, watersports clubs from Basel-Stadt offer exciting insights for young and old into their activities while bringing the sporting diversity around the Rhein closer to the population. Everyone who is interested is invited to come to the Rhein terrace at the Kleinbasel head of the Mittlere Brücke. Exciting insights into the various water sports await you and, if you are interested, you can arrange trial offers with the relevant clubs.
The event is organized and carried out by the heRheinspaziert association in collaboration with the Basel-Stadt sports office. Many water sports clubs will be involved in organizing and running the event, including several paddle sports clubs, rowing clubs, swim clubs, sailing clubs, scuba diving clubs, a water-skiing club, as well as several river boat (Weidling) clubs.
The event is completely free.


Mittlere Brücke

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