Werbung Wirkung Pharma (Advertising Effect Pharma)

Pharmaziemuseum der Universität Basel
Ongoing Event
Fri., 02 December until Sun., 26 February

The special exhibition “Werbung Wirkung Pharma” (Advertising Effect Pharma) provides insights into a collection of pharmaceutical advertising from the years 1960-1980. The exhibit focuses on four topics—fear, sleep, vitamins, and contraception.
Central to the exhibition is the question to what extent social debates influence the pharmaceutical industry and vice versa. What the term “health” means to us, what gender roles and family images we consider typical, what we imagine a normal working day to be—all of these questions are still being discussed today and influence the way in which certain medicines are marketed and sold.
The exhibit also presents works by Basel artist Raphael Widmer. Inspired by an advertisement for the drug Lexotanil, his works reflect relationships with fear, both as a visual and as a social phenomenon.


Pharmaziemuseum der Universität Basel
Totengässlein 3
4051 Basel