Wie Klingt Basel? (How Does Basel Sound?)

Stadtcasino Basel
Friday, 15 March

What do we associate with folk songs today? Are they still part of our history, our identity? Many of us know them from childhood or associate them with special memories. No matter in which language—folk songs from all countries are an expression of home and community.
The Sinfonieorchester Basel would like to bring your folk songs to life in all their polyphony. They want to learn from each other and all sing together in the most diverse languages. How different does Basel sound? They conducted a survey to find out which folk songs are your favorites and which songs you have special memories of. From the entries, they have made a selection that they would now like to bring to life together. With a large orchestra and singers on stage and in the audience, the Stadtcasino Basel will become the soundtrack of the city.
This Education Project is a cooperation between Sinfonieorchester Basel and choirs from primary- and secondary schools with arrangements by Florian Walser, Jean Kleeb, and Enver Yalcin Özdiker.
Tickets are CHF 20 for adults, CHF 10 for youths up to age 16, and CHF 12.50 per family member in families with two adults and two children.


Stadtcasino Basel
Konzertgasse 1
4051 Basel

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