Wiener Johann Strauss Konzert Gala

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Friday, 29 December

Matthias Georg Kendlinger is founder of the K&K Philharmonic Orchestra, the Austrian K&K Ballet, and the K&K Opera Choir. In 1996, he launched this tour—one of the most successful in music history with well over a million visitors so far. Together with his ensembles, he receives bravos and standing ovations in the concert halls of Madrid, Zurich, Oslo, Paris, Berlin, and more. Kendlinger puts together the program every year, leads the rehearsal, and can often be seen at the podium. Alternate conductors include his son Max Kendlinger, Taras Lenko, and Ihor Muravyov.
In addition to the unmistakable evergreens of the Strauss dynasty—including the waltz “The Blue Danube” and the obligatory encore, the “Radetzky March”—the program also traditionally includes a variety of rarities.
Tickets are CHF 80.40-120.50.


Stadtcasino Basel
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