Wine Date

Museum Kleines Klingental
15:00-21:00 (Thu.) | 14:00-21:00 (Fri.)

“Let's Have a Wine Date” is the motto at the end of May 2024 in Basel. Over two days, more than 30 winemakers and wine merchants invite you to explore and celebrate wines of various types and origins, at the “Kleines Klingental” museum, a venue with history and cachet.The interior will be dedicated to the variety of wines (open until 21:00), while the exterior courtyard will be dedicated to beer (open until 22:00). The event includes various sections:
The Wine Gallery section focuses on classically produced wine styles of all kinds, presented by more than 20 winemakers and wine merchants. Wine lovers of Swiss and European wines as well as wines from overseas will get their money's worth.
In the Funky Flavors section, you can find cross-border, perhaps slightly strange, definitely surprising wines. This includes natural and orange wines, Pét Nat, Piwi, cider, as well as specialties like Australian Sparkling Shiraz and other specialties, presented by around 10 winemakers and wine merchants.
In the beer and pleasure garden, two creative, regional partners—Landskroner Bräu and Stadtbrennerei & Stadtkelter—will offer fine craft beer and cool drinks in the cozy outdoor area of the historic monastery courtyard. Here you are invited to linger and enjoy when the weather is nice. Grab a local beer or drink and enjoy the small but carefully selected fine food offering. The courtyard is open until 22:00 and invites you to experience a chilled moment and let the evening come to a close.
Tickets are CHF 20 in person, or CHF 17 online.


Museum Kleines Klingental
Unterer Rheinweg 26
4058 Basel

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