Winterlaken Labyrinth

Höhematte, Interlaken
Ongoing Event
Sat., 13 January until Sun., 03 March

This winter, the Winterlaken Labyrinth conceived by the Interlaken Tourism Organization and partners will enchant you on the Höhematte. At the foot of the Harder to the north and with the view of the snow-covered Jungfrau to the south, visitors can explore a wintry labyrinth the size of a football field—made up of old Christmas trees. As if they were giving each other warmth in the cold season, about 1,000 used or unsold Christmas trees are lined up close together, forming the labyrinth.
The entrance is signposted. Walk through the mysterious paths made of wood chips with various dead ends, figures, and other surprises. Listen to the rustle of the fir trees as they nestle together and smell the spicy scent of their needles. Behind every Christmas tree a little surprise can await you, which you will inevitably associate with the winter wonderland of Switzerland or the diverse holiday region of Interlaken. These sights are the perfect subjects for an everlasting souvenir photo in front of the breathtaking mountains that surround Winterlaken. There is also a lookout tower as well as several seating opportunities for visitors. At the end of the winding path you reach the meeting zone, where guests from all over the world and locals come together to linger and enjoy. A fun experience for people of all ages.
On three Saturdays—January 13, 20, and 27—sculptor Bruno Hänggi will come to the labyrinth for about 3 hours in the afternoon to create impressive ice sculptures that—depending on weather conditions—will last for several days.
Many of the trees are donated by citizens after they have been used as Christmas trees, and once the labyrinth is dismantled, they will be given to fishery associations, farms, and animal parks for further use.
Entrance is free.


3800 Interlaken