Workshop — Anna Reutinger: Worldly Hearts

Ausstellungsraum Klingental

In the 15th century, Kloster Klingental was home to a radical group of nuns, who were adept businesswomen and lived against the code of monastic life, creating lavish rooms for themselves, keeping secular books and clothing, and often leaving the convent for swimming and other excursions. During a wave of monastic reforms of papal order, they were asked to relinquish all personal possessions and live a confined life, to which they boldly resisted in numerous ingenious ways. Through chants and recited verses, they made the reading of reform instructions impossible; they threatened to burn down the convent completely; they took up arms against those sent to reform them; they collectively left the convent and continued to wage their war abroad, stealing the convent seal and continuing to run their businesses; and they eventually bribed the Archduke Sigmund of Austria to use his influence to revoke the papal reform order.
In January 2024, Ausstellungsraum Klingental will host the installation and performative craft workshop “Worldly Hearts” by visual artist Anna Reutinger. In this preparatory workshop that will go over 2 days (December 2 and 3), Reutinger will invite local womxn participants to reimagine the story of the radical nuns of Klingental through a contemporary lens. Participants will be taught natural dyeing and stitching techniques and engage in collective storytelling exercises, singing, and drawing, which will be used as raw material for the exhibition that will open on January 13, 2024.
They are looking for 10-15 womxn ages 16+ with no prior textile/history experience necessary.
The workshop is free and will be led in English and German. Questions and register by November 20 at


Ausstellungsraum Klingental
Kasernenstrasse 23
4058 Basel

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