Workshop—Bread Baking: From Grain to Roman Bread

Augusta Raurica

Augusta Raurica was a Roman settlement from about 15 BC. For over 300 years, it was a flourishing metropolis with about 15,000 inhabitants. The remains today are spread out over the two villages of Augst and Kaiseraugst and are an excavation site, a research center, and a museum with impressive ruins and rich finds. They are also offering various workshops and guided tours throughout the year. Only 20 minutes from Basel, visitors can get a glimpse into life as it was in Roman times.
During this workshop, you can learn how grain was processed into bread 2000 years ago. You will experience this together step by step as you make a tasty loaf the Roman way. You will first grind the grain in a Roman stone mill before kneading and shaping the dough according to your own ideas. Then the loaves will be placed into the reconstructed wood stove and finally you can take a warm and fragrant loaf home with you.
Cost of the workshop is CHF 16 for adults and CHF 8 for youths, which includes entrance to the museum.


Augusta Raurica / Roman House
Giebenacher Strasse 17
4302 Augst

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