Workshop for Bystanders: Stop Domestic Violence

Wednesday, 25 October

Centrepoint, in association with Imma Mäder, Cantonal Police Basel-Stadt, presents a workshop giving information for bystanders on how to act when faced with domestic abuse.
Canton Basel-Stadt has launched a new campaign against domestic violence called “Halt Gewalt” (Stop Violence), a collaboration between the police and civil society. The campaign aims to promote civic engagement with the topic and to spread the knowledge in the general population on how to intervene in cases of domestic abuse. We are all potential bystanders, friends, neighbors, or workplace buddies of people experiencing abuse, and we can make a difference.
The focus of this workshop will be on basic knowledge about domestic abuse and how it is handled in Switzerland by the authorities. Information will be given about the institutions one can turn to for help, and how to intervene when faced with a situation of abuse as a bystander.
The workshop will include a Q&A session and will conclude with an apéro.
Admission is CHF 5 for Centrepoint members, CHF 10 for nonmembers (collected at entrance). Adults only.
Spaces are limited, so register to secure your spot at


Im Lohnhof 8
4051 Basel

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