Workshop — Replicating Ancient Incense Recipes

Augusta Raurica
© susanne schenker
Sunday, 01 October

The Romans understood the therapeutic benefits of aromatic substances and performed incense rituals as a means of establishing a spiritual connection with the divine. Which fragrances did they use and where did they get them? In this workshop, participants will use a mortar and pestle to create traditional incense blends from various herbs, resins, and woods. At the end, participants will get to take their customized blends home with, along with a wealth of tips on how to use them. In this English-language workshop, you will discover a world of divine scents and create your own incense blend.
Cost is CHF 16 for adults and CHF 8 for kids, which includes entrance fee to the museum and grounds.


Augusta Raurica / Roman House
Giebenacher Strasse 17
4302 Augst

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