World Blood Donor Day

Various Locations
Friday, 14 June

Blood donations are needed every day, but their importance is highlighted particularly on June 14—World Blood Donor Day. For the 20th year, World Blood Donor Day is celebrated to raise awareness about the need for safe blood and blood products to save lives. The need for blood is universal, and every single blood donation is a precious, life-saving gift. Every one of us can come into a situation where they or their loved ones depend on the availability of matching blood for survival.
On the occasion of World Blood Donor Day, the Swiss Red Cross is organizing a special donation festival at two locations in Basel and invites donors to enjoy a buffet after the donation! On this day, you can donate blood at:
• Blutspendezentrum Basel (Basel Blood Donation Center) at Hebelstrasse 10 from 07:30-14:00
• Markthalle (Viaduktstrasse 10, Basel) from 12:00-18:00.
You can drop by spontaneously or reserve an appointment and can choose what kind of buffet you prefer.

If you cannot make it on this day, you can donate blood year-round at the Blutspendezentrum, as well as on special days at various other sites in Basel in their mobile blood donation bus and in numerous communities in the region. You can find locations, dates, and times of upcoming blood donation opportunities at

If you would like more information on blood donations and the requirements for being a donor, check out


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