Ziguilé — Cie Très-D’union

Théâtre La Coupole
Wednesday, 12 April

Two intrepid acrobats from Reunion Island fall back into childhood and use their whole body to "ziguilé," which means to tease or tickle in Creole. In a paper set, the acrobats ignore gravity to have fun at all costs, and if they have to take risks—so much the better. “Ziguilé" is also about doing what you want to do without worrying about the eyes of others, as children do!
When the stage is a space of freedom and insouciance, the artists jump, fly, spin, and excel in acrobatic lifts with a lightness comparable to that of paper butterflies. Their primary source of inspiration is play! Because they are young adults, they wonder about the part of childhood that remains in them and its importance in the structuring of the personality.
Children with a pure heart, adults with a full heart, come and "zig" with these two radiant circus performers and celebrate your inner child.
Tickets are € 6-12.


Théâtre La Coupole
4 Croisée des Lys, 68300 Saint-Louis

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