Zirka Zirkus — It Happens / La Boule

Station Circus

Station Circus once again invites you to discover the world of contemporary circus arts in Basel through a program called Zirka Zirkus. Come and discover experiments that blur the lines between circus, performance, theater, dance, music, and visual arts as well as light and media design in the circus tent at Dreispitz (Station Circus).
“It Happens” by La Campistany, is a solo trapeze number. A creation with a life of its own that happens by chance, a small insight into the life of Júlia the performer—a dialogue between success and failure, beauty and shame, serenity and frustration. It happens... is a physical metaphor for the perfectly imperfect human condition, when everything seems to be going well, you've probably missed something, nothing is perfect, nobody is perfect, it happens...
“La Boule” by Kim Marro and Liam Lelarge is two bodies intertwined trying to walk, in a continuous movement, a constant forward movement, a ball that keeps rolling forward—two people who don't know if they are being forced to walk or what they are going through.
Tickets are CHF 28 for adults and CHF 18 for kids and students.


Station Circus
Münchensteinerstrasse 103
4052 Basel

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