Zirka Zirkus — Parole en l’Air

Station Circus
Sunday, 05 November

Station Circus once again invites you to discover the world of contemporary circus arts in Basel through their project Zirka Zirkus. Come and discover experiments that blur the lines between circus, performance, theater, dance, music, and visual arts as well as light and media design in the circus tent at Dreispitz (Station Circus) .
On this evening, Zirka Zirkus will present “Parole en l’Air” by Duo GingerMoustache. What happens if we call strangers on a first-name basis and eat the last cookie in the package? How about giving orders to your superior and wearing the suit while exercising? What if the boys wore long blonde wigs and mini leather pants? What if you have nothing to say but you do it anyway?
The duo GingerMoustache plays with all codes and explores the limits of what is acceptable. Two completely different personalities who unite in a wonderful way in the world of circus arts. Between two light rants, sometimes a deeper intention than a simple joke creeps in—an engaging performance that conveys messages without taking itself too seriously. Sophie Nusbaumer and Calou Rais come from the Swiss Jura and have been on stage since they were children. They have been working together as the duo GingerMoustache for three years, combining hand-to-hand and Icarian games and handstands with singing, theater, and clowning.
Tickets are CHF 28 for adults and CHF 18 for kids and students.


Station Circus
Münchensteinerstrasse 103
4052 Basel

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