Zirkus Rägeboge

Gundeldinger Feld Areal
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The reports from the Zirkus Rägeboge's new program "Auf Sendung" (Broadcasting) are exciting, varied, and mysterious. The crew of news anchors broadcasts live from the studio and shares extraordinary accounts from the reporters on location with the audience. They accompany people fleeing from a flood, report from a research laboratory about dangerous viruses, and marvel with the audience at spectacular galaxy rains. There is even talk of an inhabited planet—it is clear that this sensation attracts the attention of an expert on extraterrestrials. As always, when it gets particularly exciting, the technology fails. Will the courageous crew in the broadcast studio be able to turn things around in time?
The young talents at Basel’s circus school, Zirkus Rägeboge, are cordially inviting all spectators to watch their latest 2-hour program “Auf Sendung” at Launchlabs, Halle 8.
Tickets cost CHF 15 for adults and CHF 9 for kids; family tickets are also available for families with at least two kids.


Gundeldinger Feld Areal
Dornacherstrasse 192
4053 Basel

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