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Padel Basel Klybeck
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The Zirkus Rägeboge children's and youth circus is celebrating its 30th anniversary with its colorful anniversary program “Der Wurm ist los” (The Worm is on the loose), a homage to books; reading; the world of words between fiction and reality; and the library, the silent guardian of the many treasures to be discovered. Every library and every bookstore is happy to have people who enjoy being among books, combing through the shelves in search of the best reading material and snuggling up in a corner, immersing themselves in reading for hours. These individuals are called bookworms. But what if a real worm suddenly appears? And at night when no one notices him?
In the Padel Basel Hall—a place for sports and training in the temporary use of Klybeck—the Zirkus Rägeboge circus is creating a world of books, with books forming the backdrop, old books being brought to new life, and artists and audience diving into the stories between the book covers. The young artists are by now very familiar with books, they are surrounded by them, live next to, above, and with them. People rearrange and stack books, juggle books, balance on them, and read in the craziest acrobatic positions. Sometimes the troupe also enters the stories being told, fights over a book at lofty heights, or presents the bestseller hanging overhead.
The young talents at Basel’s circus school, Zirkus Rägeboge, are cordially inviting all spectators to watch their latest 2-hour program “Der Wurm ist los” at Padel Basel Halle (Building K 102, Tram 8, stop: Ciba). There will be eight presentations, including evening shows (18:00), matinées (11:00), and afternoon presentations (14:30 & 15:00); check the program for dates and times.
Tickets cost CHF 15 for adults and CHF 9 for kids; family tickets for CHF 45 are also available for families with two adults and two kids.


Padel Basel Klybeck
Klybeckstrasse 141
4057 Basel

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