Friday Evening Programs at the Fondation Beyeler this Autumn

As part of the celebrations marking its 25th anniversary, the Fondation Beyeler will welcome visitors from 18:00-22:00 every Friday evening from September 16 to December 16, 2022. In collaboration with the Institute Art Gender Nature at FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel, the museum will open its doors for 14 evenings of “Friday Beyeler.”

Under the heading “I Hear a New World—14 Miaows of the Future,” students and artists who teach at the Institute will turn the museum foyer into a creative platform for contemporary art, featuring live performances, films, talks, as well as music, poetry, and dance. Each of the 14 evenings can be seen as small performance festival.

The program of the Institute Art Gender Nature focuses on the joint love for art and how art can provide individuals and communities with an experience of worlds more open and broader than our own everyday experiences. From the COVID-19 pandemic to the ongoing wars and the climate crisis—narratives and images of the impossible, narratives of narrow paths, smaller worlds, and scarcity surround us. The Institute Art Gender Nature wants to address how art and artists activate creativity, fiction, and the possibility of imagining hopeful futures together. In this context, “to hear a new world” means to be open and receptive, to come together with the art works and artists, gaining a sense of togetherness and belonging that makes loneliness and anxiety fade into the background. The aim of the program is to provide us with a sense of life that is lighter, allowing us first to dream and then to plan.

During the “Friday Beyeler” evenings, the museum and the park will remain open, allowing visitors to take part in the different events, experience current exhibitions, and generally take their time at the Fondation Beyeler. Also on these Friday nights, the “Kaminzimmer” room of the “Beyeler Restaurant im Park” will turn into a cocktail bar. The restaurant will also remain open until 22:00, featuring a culinary range from snacks to dinners.

The “Friday Beyeler” events are included in the museum admission price and require no booking. More information about the individual evenings is available on their social media channels and on their website.