Join the Bike to Work Challenge!

Bike to Work, a project of Pro Velo Switzerland, is a Switzerland-wide health promotion campaign to encourage people to bike to and from their place of work in the months of May and/or June, but the time to register for this project is now! During the Bike to Work challenge, more than 80,000 commuters from about 2,800 companies strengthen their team spirit and fitness, while supporting sustainable mobility.

Why Bike to Work?

There are countless reasons why one should bike to work—among others, cycling helps your body release “happy” neurochemicals, including serotonin and dopamine, that enhance your feeling of well-being as well as increase concentration and receptiveness. In addition, cycling increases your fitness level and health, which in turn lowers resting pulse rate and increases blood oxygen levels. It also helps you get rid of stress hormones, making it easier to achieve a balance between stress and relaxation, and saves money as well as the environment. Joining the Bike to Work challenge can give you all of these benefits, as well as promote a team spirit, help you experience the joy of discovery along the way (eg, new paths, parks, landmarks, or the scent of tree blossoms), and give you a chance to win fantastic prizes!

How Does it Work?

Companies register for the annual challenge and cover the participation fee—they must choose to participate in the challenge either for May, June, or both May and June. Once the company is registered, the staff that wish to participate form teams of 1 to 44 members who will then travel to and from work by bike as often as possible in the time frame chosen. They record all kilometers covered online on the Challenge calendar. Those who have biked on at least half of their workdays will take part in the draw for valuable prizes. Still working from your home office because of the coronavirus pandemic? You still can participate by logging in your private bike rides on home office days. One member per team can participate on foot, scooter, skateboard, or other means. A combination of bike and public transport is permitted, as is a combination of bike and car; even e-bikes are allowed! Each time you ride, you must record your distance in the calendar, or you can download the practical Bike to Work app, which will record your kilometers automatically and enter them in the calendar in real time. As a participant, you can download the app free of charge through the iTunes Store or Google Play. With a smartphone in your pocket, you have constant access to your personal Challenge calendar and can easily check how your team is doing and how many kilometers your company has amassed.

How Do You Win?

In addition to the obvious health, fitness, social, and environmental benefits, individual participants who have biked on at least half of their workdays will take part in the draw for prizes worth over CHF 130,000 in total. In addition, the teams where all members achieve the 50% mark will be entered in the draw for team prizes. So check with your company or human resources department, ask them to register your company for the Bike to Work challenge, and invite your colleagues to join your team. If you don’t have a team, you can check the online Team Pool for your company, which will show you all of the teams that still have spaces available.