The Kaleidoscopes Are Back!

You may have already spotted them around town—the giant colorful kaleidoscopes that were first set up at various locations in Basel last year for the Flâneur Festival 2023, the urban space festival Basel that invites you to discover your city from completely new perspectives. Now they have returned to various locations around town for the summer, so make sure to take a look if you pass by one!

Did you have a kaleidoscope as a child through which the world appeared in wondrous geometric patterns? Now you can indulge those memories in the middle of the city. ”Stadt Bligg” (view of the city) kaleidoscopes have this year been placed at new locations around town that allow you to see Basel in an unusual way. When you peer through them, the Münster leans to the side, the Rhein flows upside down, and the tram appears as an endless rainbow. Look through them all and have fun discovering your city in a playful way!

Incidentally, the word kaleidoscope comes from the Greek and means “to see beautiful shapes.” If you are not alone, ask your companion to look with you through the kaleidoscope from both sides. It is not only amusing for children but you can even photograph the endless reflection and distortion of your faces. Have fun discovering new city (and face) perspectives!