Large Construction Projects in Basel in 2023

Several large construction projects will be taking place in Basel this year that aim to enhance climate protection and improve the public transport infrastructure.

Works to Increase Climate Protection

Basel incinerates its waste, and the heat created during this process is used to produce steam that drives turbines and generates electricity for district households. In addition, the extracted heat also warms 45,000 households through a 223-km pipeline network, as well as numerous small and large businesses. The large red and white striped smokestack that dominates the skyline in the northwest corner of Basel is the chimney of Basel’s incineration facility. The polluting soot from the smoke is captured in a series of specialized filters, which are disposed of as solid waste, thus minimizing air pollution.

The Canton of Basel-Stadt and Basel’s energy company (IWB) will massively expand climate-friendly district heating in Basel by 2037. With this expansion, 77,000 tons of CO2 can be saved annually. The goal is that by 2037, 70% of Basel households will be connected to the district heating network. This offers homeowners a simple alternative to fossil fuel heating systems. However, the expansion of the district heating system requires extensive roadworks, such as those currently occurring in Freie Strasse in the city center, around Hardstrasse, and in the Wettstein/Grenzacherstrasse area. In 2023, expansion of district heating will focus on Gellert, lower Kleinbasel, and Wettstein quarter.

Whenever possible, these works will be combined with other infrastructure projects to promote climate-friendly public transport and include the creation of new green spaces.

Tram Closures and Traffic Diversions in 2023

BVB has to regularly renew their tram track systems. This year, in conjunction with the expansion of the district heating systems and other projects, the cantonal building and transport department, BVB, and IWB will begin major construction work at various sites in Kleinbasel, Gellert, and Gundeli that will require the use of buses as a substitute on tram lines 2, 10, 11, 14, and 16 for several weeks. In some cases, these projects will also involve restrictions for motorists and cyclists at various times during the year and into 2024:

For more information on current construction sites affecting public transport, check out the BVB website.