Let There Be Light (on Your Bike)

With the change back from daylight savings time to standard time, people taking their bikes to and from work, school, or other errands are much more likely to ride their bike during the dark hours. Thus, for riders to see and be seen, it is particularly important to ensure that the bicycle lights are working properly. To help increase safety for all traffic participants and raise awareness among cyclists for this issue, the organization Pro Velo beider Basel is offering free light checks for cyclists on Thursday, November 3, on Basel’s Marktplatz from 17:00. All bicycles passing by will be checked for sufficient visibility, and for smaller problems, free on-the-spot repairs are offered as well.

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When they conducted this event last fall, the lights of about 9% of bicycles checked were not working properly, and many bikes had only relatively faint lights. Given the technological advances in bicycle lights, bright and long-lasting lights are available for all bikes. So to be safe on the roads when it’s dark outside, make sure your lights are functional and positioned properly (see the graphic for proper positioning of the light cone)! Additionally, light-colored clothes and/or reflective elements on your clothes or bike can help enhance your visibility to drivers and others and thus your safety.

With the right precautions and equipment, cycling is a healthy and environmentally friendly way to get from A to B, even in the colder months!