Life in Space — The Exhibition

Messe Basel
Until April 26, 2024

“Life in Space” presents the history of space conquest from the beginning all the way to the present day. Almost 100 unique items give an insight into the history of human involvement in space, including parts and models of satellites, replicas of the Apollo capsule, space suits and accessories, and the moon rock. You can even immerse yourself in an interactive space camp! Did you dream of becoming an astronaut as a child? Here, you can actually be one for a little while! Thanks to the simulators, visitors can steer spaceships and explore space and space stations. A truly … extraterrestrial experience!

Opening hours are 11:00-18:00 Monday to Friday, 10:00-19:00 on weekends and public holidays, as well as on February 19-21, March 29, and April 1. Closed April 16.

Tickets are CHF 22 for adults, CHF 20 for students, and CHF 15 for kids ages 4-15 (CHF 25/23/18 on weekends). There are also family tickets for 2 adults and 2 children for CHF 65 / CHF 70; the entrance fee includes the audio guide, available in 4 languages (E / D / F / I).