Mandatory Daytime Lights on E-Bikes

On April 1, 2022, a new law went into effect in Switzerland that affects every person riding an e-bike: All e-bikes must now have their headlights on at all times when ridden on public roads, even during the daytime! Taillights are recommended during the day but not required. At night, both headlights and taillights are required (which was already the case before). The rule, which aims to increase the visibility of the e-bikes and thus safety for riders, pedestrians, and cars, applies to all public roads, including bike trails and rural roads. Failure to comply with the measure can result in a CHF 20 fine.

The new rule applies to both the “slow” e-bikes that go no faster than 25 km/h when powered and the “fast” e-bikes that go 25-45 km/h when powered and which require yellow license plates and an M license for the rider. Note that an M license is also required for slow e-bikes for riders ages 14-16, and that kids younger than age 14 are not legally allowed to ride e-bikes on Switzerland’s public roads at all!