Mobile Forest on Theaterplatz and Pyramidenplatz

Since May 4, a “mobile forest” has been installed on Theaterplatz and Pyramidenplatz (the square with the pyramids behind Theater Basel). Some 350 indigenous plants create intimate spaces and transform the asphalt-covered squares into attractive sites. The creation of green areas in the public spaces in the Theaterplatz quarter is a pilot project initiated by the eponymous association, which aims to enliven the area’s public spaces throughout the year with diverse, inclusive, and sustainable offers.

Both Theaterplatz and Pyramidenplatz are centrally located in downtown Basel and are surrounded by numerous cultural institutions. For many people, they only represent spaces to pass through, but with the mobile forest, the organizers want to transform them into a soothing, pleasant environment that invites people to linger and enjoy a restful break in their busy everyday lives. The mobile forest also offers spaces for encounters and cultural events (readings, concerts, workshops) and seeks to sensitize people to the advantages of incorporating green spaces in urban environments.

The mobile forest comprises 12 indigenous types of plants, primarily certain maples, linden trees, and hornbeam. The selection of species was adapted to urban growth conditions and includes a rich offer of host plants whose nectar and pollen ensure that this living installation can be settled by (pioneer) species of the local fauna and flora.

The mobile forest will remain on site until fall. If this pilot project is met with a favorable reception, it will be repeated next year. For more information on this and other initiatives of the Verein Theaterplatz-Quartier, such as the monthly Theaterplatz days, see their website.