Photography Exhibit: Vivian Maier — Anthology

Vivian Maier Self-Portrait

Haus der Fotografie, Olten
Until May 26, 2024

The legendary American street photographer Vivian Maier (1926-2009) is coming to Switzerland. The Haus der Fotografie in Olten is showing the exhibition “Vivian Maier—Anthology,” which comprises 140 photographs from four decades. Maier was mostly unknown during her lifetime, and her impressive photographs only became known to the public after her death. She is now considered one of the most important street photographers of the 20th century. Maier’s works depict urban life and people in Chicago and New York, but also in other places she has visited on her numerous travels. In her work, the artist focused mainly on street photographs, which were mostly taken spontaneously, but at the same time are characterized by enormous precision. She managed to place her models at the center of attention like hardly anyone else, without disregarding the history of their surroundings.

Maier’s photographs were enormously diverse and offer a unique insight into urban life and the social structures of her time. “The question arises: Who was this woman who spent a lifetime on the road, lived in countless places, never wanted to settle down, and let hardly anyone share her passion? This exhibition explores this question, sheds light on the person Vivian Maier, who left the world of photography an incredible wealth of astonishing material from four decades, and puts her in the foreground for once,” says Isabelle Bitterli, Director of Haus der Fotografie. The exhibition was organized and designed by Anne Morin of DiChroma Photography on the basis of photographs from the archives of the Maloof Collection and the Howard Greenberg Gallery in New York.

Haus der Fotografie Olten, Kirchgasse 10, 4600 Olten