Rausch — Extase — Rush

Historisches Museum Basel — Barfüsserkirche
Until June 30, 2024

The desire to experience euphoria appears to be a primal human tendency. We experience euphoric states from the rush of adrenaline gained from sports, music and dance, love, spirituality, art, and through the consumption of psychoactive substances.

For young people, experiencing these euphoric states seems particularly appealing, but managing risks or seductive advertising for tobacco and alcohol present a significant challenge—a fact that is given special consideration in the exhibition.

What exactly is a rush? Why do we strive for feelings of ecstasy and what fascinates us so much about them? The exhibition explores the phenomenon of euphoria and its impacts. On a multimedia journey, visitors encounter the historical background, possibilities and risks involved in the pursuit of euphoric states. Along the way, they are confronted with the question of why our society deals with this phenomenon in such a contradictory way.

The new special exhibition at the Barfüsserkirche is fully trilingual (German, English, French) and wheelchair accessible.