School Is Starting — Pay Attention on the Roads

The new school year is starting soon in Basel and surrounding cantons, and that means that school kids of all ages will be on the roads again, making their way to and from school by foot, bicycle, or scooter. Swiss school kids from elementary school on are encouraged to make their own way to school rather than be driven by their parents to encourage their independence and social interactions with their friends. In fact, in Switzerland, 65% of all children walk to school! And in contrast to many other countries, Switzerland’s extensive network of sidewalks, bike paths, and public transport system, that is a feasible and safe option in the vast majority of cases.

Nevertheless, there are a couple of things for drivers and parents to keep in mind to make kids’ way to school as safe as possible for everyone. And not just for parents or drivers, but for all adults—be an example of safe behavior on the roads and sidewalks!


For drivers on the road, you need to be aware that more kids will be on the sidewalks and streets in the mornings, around lunch time, and in the afternoons. And even with the best of training, they may step on the street or swerve on their bikes unexpectedly, so you need to pay extra attention. As a recent public service campaign in Switzerland said—children are unpredictable and can always surprise you!

Also, be prepared to fully stop at all crosswalks. Because it is difficult for a child to judge how fast a car is actually going, Swiss kids are taught to wait until the cars come to a full stop before crossing the roads. So if you see kids by the crosswalk, make sure to come to a complete stop rather than keep rolling slowly towards the crosswalk!


Parents can also do a lot to make the way to school as safe as possible for their children:

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