Sexy — Driving Force of Life

© tristesse

Naturhistorisches Museum Basel
Until June 30, 2024

The animal kingdom is vibrant and diverse. Animals have all kinds of weapons to help them win the object of their desire, along with a wealth of different behavior patterns, pairings and family models. But why? Because of the sexes. The different interests of the sexes are what drives evolution.

In this special exhibition at the Naturhistorisches Museum Basel (Natural History Museum), you can learn about the role sex plays in reproduction. You will discover that some animals have two sexes, while some have none, and others have several. There are animals that can change their sex and animals that can have two sexes at the same time. But they all have one thing in common¾ they want to reproduce.

With astonishing stories, impressive specimens, and interactive elements, the exhibit shows the lengths animals will go to to breed. They turn on the charm with their best displays and most splendid plumage. In the survival of the fittest, animals fearlessly fight off the competition with the ultimate aim of becoming attentive parents who watch over their young. But there isn’t a clear pattern to their roles—the animal kingdom is ahead of its time and has always had different family models.

This exhibition is exciting for kids and adults alike. While grown-ups can marvel at the many different types of pairing and the desires and frustrations of animals’ mating rituals, kids can find out how it feels to grow up protected by a womb, pouch, or even ice. A variety of young animal specimens are used to show how they started life and who smoothed their pathway to adulthood.

This exhibition is based on objects and the basic idea acquired from the special exhibition “Sexperten” by Liechtenstein National Museum and Liechtenstein Office for the Environment.